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Monday, March 9, 2009

Preyas Red Deka Bakugan Battle Brawlers Series 1

Product Description
Bakugan Deka are the massive shock troops of the Bakugan Warriors. These special edition collectible Bakugan are lethal in combat and heavily armored . Includes one Deka Bakugan and metal card.

Customer Reviews

Supersized Bakugan for Mega fun5
This is a supersized Bakugan figure when compared to the original line of Bakugan figures. Even the second generation Bakugan B2 figures shy in comparison by the sheer size. The unit is solid in construction and more durable than the smaller counterparts. Rolling this figure on the Battle Arena is a little awkward given the sheer size (palm roll) and landing onto the metallic gate card is more challenging. No other Bakugan will be able to land onto a card (at least if it is centered), if this monstrosity is on the card.

Since these figures are harder to find than the 'slightly less than impossible' to find Bakugan figures, your child will be considered very lucky to have one of these. Since we only have one, it is hard to say what the Power Levels will range for this product. It is about the size of a 5 year old's fist so fitting into a pocket would be cumbersome and impractical. It will not fit into any conventional Bakugan case, either.

These retail for about ten bucks depending upon the retail store. Aftermarket sales run more, if you are willing to buy one. I am constantly looking for these in the retail stores but it will have to wait until after Christmas.


Highly recommend adding one of these to your collection.

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