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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Preyas, Stinglash and Mystery Marble Red Bakugan Battle Brawlers Starter Pack Series 1 with 3 Metal Gate Cards Preyas, Stinglash and Mystery Marble

Product Description
Answer the call to brawl and decide the fate of the galaxy! These small spheres magnetically morph into powerful Bakugan warriors when they roll onto the real metal Gate Cards. Use strategy to place your metal Gate Cards effectively as each card affects the battle differently. Then master your precision shooting skills to roll your Bakugan into battle and win. Starter pack includes three Bakugan marbles/action figures and three metal gate cards. Figures measure 1".


* Includes 3 Bakugan and 3 metal gate cards
* Bakugan activate when rolled onto cards
* Use strategy to place you cards and set up for battle
* Master you battle skills by shooting your Bakugan and landing on card to score
* For ages 5+

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