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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bakugan Battle Arena

Product Description
Wage the ultimate Bakugan Battle! Choose your Bakugan and face off against up to 3 opponents in the official Battle Arena of the Bakugan Tournament League!

Customer Reviews

Probably don't need it2
I had no idea what Bakugans were when I bought this, but my son really wanted them. I bought the arena because I thought it was part of the game (which I think it still is), but my son (age 6) really only wanted the actual Bakugan balls that you throw on the board. He likes to trade those and doesn't care to play the game, so the arena was a waste of money. It also breaks apart easily when you fold it.

Too complicated to use2
This sounded like the perfect gift, I read the reviews and they were awesome. Unfortunatly the game itself is quite complicated, the instructions are not very good, and it is taken a long time to try to get a sense of them. My son is 8, and he loves to play with the actual bakugan balls, but the board game was a waste of money.

Disappointed Mom1
This arena is a piece of junk! My son hasn't looked at it since we took it out of the box on Christmas. Once you assemble it (if you're lucky enough to get it to stay together) it falls apart even with the slightest movement. It's made of sturdy plastic, and one would assume it to be a quality product, but the hinges are flimsy and keep snapping off. Very disappointing and a total waste of money.

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